We offer both the designing and printing of School Yearbooks.

Our role is to deliver to you the best yearbook you could ever imagine; filled with the most treasurable
memories, your fellow classmates and teachers, and on top of all that, a super awesome design!

Email design@ellee.com.au for a quote best suited to your school.











Here at Ellee Designs, your yearbooks are really all about you. That's why we offer to design your yearbook to suit your school!

No design templates are used, we design and build your yearbook from the ground up. Just for you.

We offer FREE cover design when you choose our design package, the perfect face for your yearbook!

If you haven't got the budget, DIY! Get your Yearbook Committee together and get designing, Ellee Designs will take care of the cover and printing, or design your own!


Not the greatest photographer? You don't need to be! Ellee Designs will edit your photos where needed to make your yearbook the best yet.

We can't spend 100's of hours on photo editing as there are already hundreds or thousands of photographs in your yearbook. However, we can tweak the photos that don't stand out or shine enough. But of course, if some images are pixelated or blurry, unfortunately there's nothing we can do.

Afterall, that's what your yearbook is all about! Showcasing the photographs from throughout your school life, creating longlasting memories.


Our printers are spot on! The quality of paper used will leave each and every single page shining, a masterpiece of its own. Our standard for inside pages is 128 GSM Satin.

Do you want a gloss cover? Or perhaps a matte cover? Pick! It's entirely up to you.

Everybody knows the more colour pages, the more expensive your yearbook will be... balance is the key! So you're wanting every page in colour? You only want 20 pages in colour with the rest in black and white? Contact the Ellee Designs team for a quote, perfect for you.