C O N F E S S I O N S    O F     A    C O S M O P O L I T A N     I N T E R N

PART 1: The Magazine Girl




From YOLO Magazine to Cosmopolitan Magazine, it's quite the jump!



Having started my own digital magazine back in January 2014, it's only ever been a dream of mine to see inside one of the world's most top magazines such as Cosmo...scratch that, even as a young teenage girl growing up reading the pages of Total Girl, then Dolly before transitioning to Cosmo in my late teens/early adulthood years, spending a few weeks in the Cosmo office and getting to know the Cosmo girls was something I could only ever imagine in my wildest dreams.



With an invitation to intern at Cosmopolitan in their Sydney HQ, I packed my American Tourister Zavis suitcase, squeezed in as many OOTD’s as possible along with my tech essentials including my Canon DSLR, lenses, flashlite, Macbook Pro, portable hard drives and my VS Sassoon Curl Secret styler along with my straightener and not to mention all the other little nik naks you need on a daily basis. Funnily enough, I somehow fit a pillow in amongst all of that too, but needless to say, I’ve bought a vacuum seal bag since! The best thing since sliced bread… then again, ugh as if! Freshly baked still warm bread? Give me that over Spacebags any day.



A couple of weeks in the lead up to my take off from the Brisbane tarmac, in preparation of my time at Cosmo, I sat my boyfriend down after he cooked a dish of fried rice and made him sit through The Devil Wears Prada with me. No matter how many times I’ve watched this iconic chick flick, nothing could quite prepare me for what I was about to experience, not even Andy Sachs and Miranda Priestly. But really, who was I kidding? I’m the YOLO girl, I traded in the high school senior year antics for home school and instead of stumbling my way through university trying to find myself while paying a hefty fee, I started a digital magazine which by the second issue had me speaking with and interviewing the likes of Marcia Hines, 360, Short Stack, DJ Helena and the ever so loved and Instagram famous fashion illustrator Aaron Favaloro. Who needs preparation? Nothing can prepare you for life, we’ve gotta live on the edge a little and take on the world… after all, we only live once right?

With that attitude and quite honestly, the nerves still kicking through, I was closer to walking through the lobby of a massive building where to be real, I’ve aspired to work in for quite some time.



Thus, this leads me to sharing my intimate diary with you while walking the halls of the biggest selling magazine in the world; Cosmopolitan.


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