C O N F E S S I O N S    O F     A    C O S M O P O L I T A N     I N T E R N

PART 2: The First Day




A later start than usual was nice today. Yet somehow, and just like me, I was rushing towards the end anyway. Leaving just minutes before my Opal Trip Planner had told me to. No time for my newly routine of getting a buttered croissant from the USA Treats store at the St Leonards Railway Station, no time for a morning coffee either (not that I drink coffee anyway). Sitting on the train messaging my boyfriend and my mother simultaneously, I found myself stuck in my routine to the point where I wasn’t taking any notice of the train stop announcements at all. Waiting for everyone to get off at Wynyard, Town Hall and then get off myself at Central to only transfer trains to Marrickville for a day of work at LUSH Cosmetics. Not this day though, not today.



Today was a whole new beginning, and needless to say, a nerve-wracking one at that. I was on my way to Cosmo this morning, little old me. How did that even happen? As per usual, I exited the wrong way once I arrived at Town Hall Station, finding myself outside Druitt Street, standing there with my iPhone trying to work out which way is which with the address of the Bauer Media Group routed in my maps app.

After finally getting a sense of direction, I head off, basically walking in the direction where I had just come from. Up to the intersection I go. The intersection which now prohibits diagonal crossing. It’s so simple, too simple to understand how one could get lost. After crossing at the intersection, it’s straight onwards from here.

Feeling like a clueless youngling walking around with maps open on her phone, I headed straight for the Bauer Media Group building. Looking at the number 54 on the building and hoping that it was the right building, I head in and go to the only man there; the security man.



A simple “I’m interning at Cosmo” sounds like a good opening statement after the good morning’s and initial greeting. He looks up my name, and having the name that I have, of course he has to ask again and so I spell it out for him. He hands me a visitor pass and am directed to wait for Joshua to come down to greet me.



Not at all like what I expected, Joshua walks through the security gates and head towards me. Black and white stripes, classic. A handshake is traded and he walks me to the elevators where we catch the lift up to level 5. A quick introduction and sharing of who I am and how I got there is told between the walls while we walk through the hallway to the Cosmo office. An introduction to Emily Kerr the Digital Editor and Digital Content Manager Natasha Harding before being quickly showed around that floor of the building; a quick introduction and tour of the fashion department, then through the hall past the men’s, the kitchenette, the ladies’, more hallway, main kitchen, some other office and right back round again to the elevators to then head back in the Cosmo direction.

Next up is an intro to the current Editorial Intern Elyse, who just so happens to be nicknamed Elly too. This should make for a fun month in the office on Monday’s, double the trouble of Ellee’s/Elly’s.



Monday morning stand up meetings, where quite oddly, everyone was sitting. The weekly Monday morning stand ups are set in the middle of the Cosmo office surrounding the gorgeous and totally fab pastel pink lounge suite placed under pretty hanging tassels and giant prints of previous Cosmo covers. This is where I get yet another quick introduction, this time to the entire Cosmo team. The Monday stand up concludes after a speedy weekend catch up, workload chatter and the weekend’s wedding goss.

Back to the work experience aka workies girl corner of the office with Joshua. The new girl turned up, this week’s work experience girl, Shayna. I take a seat with Elyse as she starts to go through the CMS bizzo with me for a good hour or so, then I’m all on my own. Joshua makes note that most interns struggle with Photoshop, having never used it before and so a quick lesson is always needed when they step into the Cosmo office but as for me, and as Joshua assumes, it’s not a problem with me, with my experience as a graphic designer. With that sorted, off to the digital department I go and take up residence at Online Fashion Writer Nikki Kinstlinger’s former desk.

I check my emails and voila! Two rips to do. Rips? What the? I know right… my reaction too! Rips are basically articles from other sites which we repost ourselves on the Australian Cosmo site, with the permission and rights to do so of course! A majority of these come from the Cosmo UK and Cosmo US sites.

The first was easy, super easy. The five biggest wedding trends of the year. A few embedded Pinterest posts and a bit of text, no biggie.

Next up was a photo gallery. Elyse warned us that they’re a bit harder, so I braced myself. It seemed easy enough though and I was happy with it. For some technological reason though, the gallery didn’t upload to the website properly. Not knowing what I did wrong, I deleted it all and started again. It still didn’t work. Over to Joshua I went. A simple problem of me not being shown how to publish a full gallery was all it was. Instead of clicking the save and publish button, I had to right click and hit publish, then select the all pages option. Then voila! It was live.



Working in the city aka food central, I take my lunch break and go on a bit of a food exploration to only find my new favourite restaurant just a 3 minute walk from the building; Palace Chinese Restaurant. I’m a sucker for Yum Cha and a full-time lover of egg tarts. An hour well spent I say.

Back in the office and next project! I get called over to Joshua’s desk, he's just been sent an email wanting a photo gallery to be put together of celebrity break ups. Okay. Sure. Awesome. Now, who’s recently broken up?



Taylor Swift, well she’s always news. Especially her breakups - after all, they’re the inspo, the muse and the heart and soul of all her greatest hits. Or is it greatest breakups?

Demi Lovato and Wilmer are added to the list right before it’s home time and this project is saved, exited and running around in my head until tomorrow morning when I push the elevator button. Destination: level 5.

Until tomorrow…